About Us

Carew Projects was founded by Paul Carew in the mid 1990s to offer clients a truly independent professional project management service.

From initial expertise in office & retail fit-outs, we expanded our service into education building projects and aged care housing projects.

Paul Carew, founder of Carew ProjectsPaul Carew
BA, Diploma Town Planning, Diploma Design Management.

Paul's CV includes...

  • Local authority planning.
  • Furniture construction and management.
  • Senior management of interior design practices undertaking fit-out and construction projects.
  • Successful operation of Carew & Associates as facilitators of property projects.

Paul's professional training and hands-on experience has helped him develop a methodical, disciplined and clear-sighted approach that is valued by clients. With over 25 years experience in property related environments, Paul opened the firm's Christchurch office where he finds a receptive market for his professionalism and user-friendly approach to complex problems.


Why use Carew Projects?

  • We are experts in managing property projects to deliver best value at lowest risk. You get reduced project times and no surprises.
  • We are fully experienced on a wide variety of property projects. This means we can anticipate difficulties so projects flow in the correct sequence, without gaps or repeated work.
  • We are good communicators and motivators. You get timely information when it's needed for reports or funding approval, and contractors who are empowered to achieve their best work.
  • We are expert at keeping the overview - planning ahead and considering the full picture. We make sure there are no unforeseen obstacles delaying workflow. You also have the chance to do associated works now that will save money later.
  • We charge realistic fees. You get the added value of experienced management, avoiding the risk of expensive mistakes that can cost way more than our fees.
  • We are friendly, supportive, professional and helpful. This means positive and enjoyable experiences throughout your project. We try to eliminate the dread and dispel the mystery.
  • We offer flexible, personal service. You can talk to the people driving your project at any time and resolve issues or advise changes as they arise.
  • We are loved by our clients. You are welcome to talk with people who have used us before for first-hand comment on our value.

Our Offer...

In our very first meeting we'll add value to your operation. We'll help you identify what is needed to develop a property briefing and action plan for you and your team. The plan will include initial budgets, programmes and results markers... so you're in control at all times.