Commercial project management & property services

Profitably owning or occupying commercial property has never been easy. Does your business know and use these 6 keys to success?

  1. Having a thoughtful, informed property strategy integrated into your wider business plan.
  2. Testing and measuring the key elements of your plan against time, cost and quality standards.
  3. Ensuring disciplined implementation of that strategy.
  4. Communicating clearly and regularly with the stakeholders.
  5. Understanding and mitigating risks before they arise.
  6. Reviewing and adjusting your plan ahead of changes to your markets.

Have you suffered from ad hoc decisions that cost money or time - or both? Or have you found that it's what you didn't know or couldn't predict that hurt your business most?

Fortunately Carew has the professional solutions to help you manage your property use. We undertake essential projects to reduce cost and improve efficiency. We'll listen to your concerns, help you identify what's needed and then ensure the necessary changes are made smoothly and efficiently, without undue disruption to your business routines.

Organisations we have assisted include...

  • AJ Park
  • Biolab Scientific
  • Compaq
  • Datamail
  • EDS
  • Gen-i
  • Government
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Local Government
  • L'Oreal
  • Meredith Connell
  • Meridian Energy
  • Telstra

Commercial property services

» Photos of property projects in the Commercial sector we have worked on.

Some examples of our project mgmt work in the commercial sector...

AJ Park, patent attorneys and IP specialists
Carew was engaged to develop a detailed property brief, receive, assess and advise on alternative locations, negotiate the new lease in two stages, manage the design, costing and implementation of the fit-out and assist with relocation. Our role continued with the later expansion of the practice that followed this successful move.

CEO John Lamb said, "Your advice and guidance meant that we objectively considered the options and made the correct decisions. I was most impressed with your ability to work with our people. We are delighted with the outcome."

Meredith Connell, law
Carew acted as peer review advisors on the turnkey fit-out contract for its relocation project. Careful risk analysis, market benchmarking and observation of the works processes provided the necessary reassurance on governance aspects of the project. The practice manager Hugh Cawley conveyed the partners' warmest thanks on its successful completion.

Compaq and Hewlett Packard, IT
Carew had already managed several projects for Compaq, so when the companies merged we were selected to retain that role in a joint venture with Hewlett Packard's interior designer. Together we negotiated the leasing package and developed the fit-out brief and design.

The objective was to bring together business units from four separate locations into one new purpose-built premises. Carew managed the fit-out project to completion in coordination with the building construction works, achieving cost and time savings.

The client praised our user-friendly, transparent process, achieved by diligent reporting and communication. Our careful wording on the lease schedules and accurate record keeping also saved the company $1.8 million in potential reinstatement costs when it subsequently relocated.

Gen-i, IT
Gen-i was under severe budget and time constraints, but a looming lease expiry and huge forward workload required its rapidly expanding workforce to be housed quickly. This involved a full relocation.

Carew and the designer - the same proven JV team from the Compaq role - were retained to provide design and costing so the new lease could be finalised. Carew then managed the project through to completion within tight constraints in all respects. Gen-i was able to operate without interruption throughout the relocation project.

Datamail, printing
This specialised, high-volume secure printing operation was severely hampered by its low-grade Auckland premises. Carew was retained to conduct a feasibility evaluation and prove the case for relocation. We were then retained to develop the property brief, advise on alternative location options and negotiate the lease. We then managed the fit-out design and implementation which saw the operation successfully relocated to new purpose-built premises.

Biolab, scientific
This rapidly expanding scientific supply company had sold its obsolete premises and committed to a new design-build warehouse, laboratory and office premises. They retained Carew to develop the fit-out design brief and manage the seamless integration of the fit-out into the building project. This very harmonious project exceeded the company's expectations in every respect.

Expertise and support makes the difference...

These successful outcomes clearly demonstrate the specialist expertise that Carew can bring to your project. You certainly don't need to battle on alone or with inadequate advice. Take full advantage of our experience to gain real breakthroughs by using property to add value, not cost to your business...

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