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We are well-established providers of professional service and property advice to Auckland primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

We offer efficient, cost-effective project management in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Property Management Handbook. Our day to day knowledge of the handbook's requirements has become a valuable resource to our school clients, allowing Principals and Boards of Trustees to concentrate on delivering better education to pupils.

Tasks we assist schools with include...

  • Conducting property condition surveys for repairs and maintenance or the school's 10-year property plan.
  • Preparing and submitting the school's new 10-year property plans for Ministry of Education approval.
  • Conducting the three-yearly property plan and cyclical maintenance reviews.
  • Altering five-year agreements for changes to capital works funding priorities.
  • Planning for roll growth, SPG and other discretionary funding streams.
  • Seeking quotes, engaging and overseeing trade contractors to complete maintenance works.
  • Conducting ROI and tender processes, contract writing, engaging and overseeing main contractors to complete capital works projects.

Schools we have assisted include...

» Photos of property projects in the Education sector we have worked on.

Some examples of our project mgmt work in the education sector...

Roll growth classrooms

Roll Growth Classrooms
This project involves two new Roll Growth funded classrooms and some additional SPG funding. The school roll is growing each year and there is very little spare building space. It was decided to relocate an existing classroom to a better position and build additional space, which included teacher resource space, a computer room, two classrooms and improved outdoor connection to a new court yard.

1:15 / 1:18 teacher ratio classrooms

1:15/1:18 Teacher Ratio Classrooms
We are helping several primary schools that have received additional teacher/pupil ratio funding. Each school has accepted various solutions to best fit the school's situation. We are working with some to establish full-sized relocatable classrooms and others to reallocate and refurbish various existing spaces within the school to satisfy the need for extra teaching spaces.

Five year agreement capital projects

Five Year Agreement Capital Projects
We have been involved in the scoping, tendering and contracting out of numerous small capital works projects. All have been completed according to the school's wishes and MoE guidelines. We deal with all required documentation and procedures to ensure the project runs smoothly. Some examples are...

  • Water main upgrades
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Heat pump installation
  • Water fountain replacement
  • Roofing replacement
  • Canopy installation
  • Staff room and classroom refurbishments
Ten year property plan preparation

Ten Year Property Plan Preparation
We have completed many 10YP plans, property condition surveys and maintenance plans for schools. Primary and secondary schools require new plans to be re-submitted in a five-year cycle, and certain elements reviewed in year three to maintain the school's access to the Ministry's capital works funding.

Schools renewing their plans must have the plan submitted and accepted by 30 June to gain the full benefits of their available funding in year one.

Fire damage reinstatement

Fire Damage Reinstatement
We were called in after overnight fire damage to this school hall. We initially secured the building for the long weekend and to limit any further possible property damage. Then we developed the scope of works and tender package to seek main contractors for the refurbishment works. The hall had split Ministry of Education and Board of Trustee ownership. Effectively, two insurance companies were involved. The project is now complete and the school is enjoying its refurbished 1960's hall.

School Property Care
We are currently managing a redundant school site for the Ministry of Education in South Auckland. This includes such functions as overseeing lawn mowing, grounds & tree care, rubbish removal, building integrity monitoring, graffiti control and general property care as it arises.

Some other recent tasks we have worked on...

  • Advise on school building disposals.
  • Arrange specialist roofing and pool condition reports.
  • Advise on improvements to school security against arson and vandalism.
  • Update PMIS website information & respective CAD plans for maintenance funding.
  • Advise on master plans and future building planning for school charters.
  • Arrange structural defect engineering reports and corrective work.
  • Arrange quotes and manage work paid for by school disaster funding.


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